Interventions Thank you for being there for my family and me. “We have waited a long time for an opportunity to speak freely from the heart to our loved one. Your services are very much needed. And we consider it a miracle to have met you though Dr. John Rifkin.”
J.B., Longmont
Psychotherapy “Jack Lavino helped save my life and allowed me to learn to live in a more fulfilling and meaningful way. When I first met Jack I was in a state of deep despair and denial, suffering from addiction and alcoholism. Jack guided me through a self discovery process that has led me to recover from my destructive behaviors and beliefs and understand the impact of trauma in my childhood. My work with Jack has been instrumental in the emotional, mental, and spiritual growth I have experienced that has made life a more rich, productive and pleasurable experience for me.” -JH “Jack has helped me deal with the problem of alcoholism and addiction in my family. He understands the issues that families like mine face. His compassion and support have allowed me to find the energy and strength I needed to rediscover my own needs and goals.”
D. Boulder
Motivational Speaking “I like your honesty. You related to where us college students are in our lives, and not preach that alcohol is bad. You made me feel comfortable by telling us your flaws, funny and embarrassing stories.” –L. U., CU Student “The most valuable part of your talk was how you did not preach to us about how alcohol is bad but rather told us how it affected your life and how you got through it.” –M.E. CU Student “The most valuable part of your talk for me was your ability to see into yourself and advocate change in the lack of values that you felt. Your honesty was very valuable as well.” –R.H., CU Student “Hearing your reasons behind the alcoholism was really interesting. It’s good and informative to know that alcoholism doesn’t randomly come out of nowhere.”
CU Student