Intervention Package

Interventions that are done with loving support and with ongoing family support are our preference. We draw heavily from the The Storti Method by Ed Storti because we feel the chance for success is higher. Based on The Storti Model, which brings about a group of people who honor the client on the day of the intervention, presenting treatment as a gift, new life and rebirth.

The process of the intervention begins with meeting three times with the family in preparation before meeting with the distressed individual.

The initial meeting is to discuss options, treatment choice in addition to brainstorming about the most effective intervention team; consisting of family, friends, co-workers and bosses. The team needs to consist of highly supportive people. There cannot be any surprises the day of the intervention.

The basic information about who, what, where and when are determined.

The second meeting is designed to discuss and finalize the plans around the intervention. The treatment option needs to be firm and in place. The details surrounding the intervention are determined as far as the order in which loved ones will speak to the individual.

A list or letter is discussed regarding the impact the drinking or drugs have on the loved ones. The first drafts are written.

The third meeting is a dress rehearsal for the intervention. All members of the team are present to practice delivering their side of the story. Suggestions and recommendations are given on how to make their words stronger and more effective.

Decisions are made on how to proceed if the intervention does not conclude with a trip to treatment.

The intervention occurs at a time and place that the individual is most vulnerable, as well as comfortable. The intervention itself last from 1½ hours to 3 hours depending on the cooperation or resistance to the process.

After the intervention there is swift and immediate action to go directly to treatment.

The sessions following the intervention are just as important as the intervention. No one lives in a vacuum. Everyone is affected by the changes that come about after an intervention.

The intervention team meets weekly once the individual has left for treatment. The initial sessions are debriefing the process of the intervention. Then there will be concerns about the recovery process and family week concerns.

Following the graduation from treatment, follow-up counseling sessions are essential to integration back into society. These are weekly session for 3 months at an additional cost (10 sessions for $1,000).

After years of working with individuals around talk therapy and through personal and professional experience I’ve determined that alternative therapies can accelerate the healing process and lend a sense of balance back into the entire families life more quickly. That is why the client will be exposed to energy and other sensory work most suited for the individual as a part of this package.

There will be many questions, concerns and uncertainties during this process of stopping the addiction cycle and healing. As an advocate for everyone involved there may be additional needs not addressed that can and will be available when necessary. Telephone contact is welcome during this phase.

Although the intervention will center around the urgent crisis. The process does not need to run your life. Our services are meant to make this process as effective and complete as possible.

Intervention package includes:

  • 3 Pre-Intervention Sessions
  • Intervention Session
  • 6 Post Intervention Sessions, including Family Week Preparation
  • $2000 initial deposit
  • $2000 the day of the intervention

Mastercard and Visa are accepted

Post Treatment Options:

3 Months Post Treatment Sessions are offered at 10 sessions for $1,000,

If energy sessions are utilized these will be scheduled with Jack’s professional team for an additional cost ($125 per session or 10 sessions for $1,000).