Benefits for You!


Forgiveness is about releasing yourself from the pain of harm from being betrayed, offended or abused. The benefits are for you, not the offender. Anger has it’s place in the healing process, and so does Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is for courageous people seeking to be free of the past and live fully in the present.

Do you have the courage to take the next step in the journey to true personal FREEDOM?

Recovery from Trauma:
Childhood trauma—Attachment Issues, Sexual, Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual—carries over a Lifetime
Relationships – Failed, Infidelity, Spousal Abuse; Emotional, Physical
Life Threatening Experiences – War, Car Accidents, being threatened with Bodily Harm or Death

We may still carry with us beliefs like

  • “It was all my fault.”
  • “I deserved it.”
  • “I should have been able to stop it.”
  • “Nothing I do is good enough.”
  • “I’m unlovable.”

Childhood trauma also changes how we process emotions. If we have been abused regulating our nervous system can become a lifetime effort. Sometimes we can’t shut our feelings off, and sometimes we shut down. The abuse changes our very physiology.

We can break out of those patterns. We can update our beliefs to fit with our current reality. Therapy, including techniques such as EMDR, can help us manage our emotions and bring ourselves back into physiological balance. Addiction and trauma are often intertwined. Recovery from each helps in the recovery from the other. When we’re free of the after effects of trauma, we don’t have to react over and over again to those old hurts.

Freedom is ours to live life as it is now.