Addiction and Recovery

“Looking for love in all the wrong places”, Johnny Lee (Looking for Love lyrics)

We become addicted for all the right reasons. Addiction helps us:

• Connect with ourselves, with others, and with life
• Feel ecstatic and powerful
• Gain relief from emotional pain

But addiction doesn’t make us feel good for very long. And it doesn’t really help us achieve our goals. In fact, it can destroy our health, our relationships, and our livelihoods.

Addiction is a complex process. It starts with attachment, cultural and family conditions or predisposition. Family-of-origin issues, stress, and loss can increase the risk. On top of that, cultural norms encourage the use of certain addictive substances and behaviors.

As the addiction progresses, it changes the physiology of our brains and nervous systems to help us feel balanced and in control. We begin to organize our lives around planning for, experiencing, and recovering from the addictive state. Over time, the addiction becomes our primary relationship.

We start out seeking connection and relief from emotional pain. Instead, our lives spiral out of control.

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Recovery is a courageous journey to freedom. The journey begins with abstinence from the addictive substance or behavior. Abstinence brings our brains and nervous systems back into healthy balance, enabling us to make better decisions and to start reclaiming our lives.

But recovery is more than just abstinence. Recovery is the “Hero’s Journey”. As the journey continues, we go on to challenge our unsound thinking, learn to soothe ourselves in healthy ways, and get in touch with what’s important to us. We connect authentically with other people and with our sense of the spiritual. We learn to have compassion for ourselves but at the same time to live in accordance with our values.

When we are free of our addictions, we get to know and express our essential selves. I teach people to love themselves so they can love others.