Jack Lavino has a lifetime of experience as a successful entrepreneur, national speaker, author and coach leading many individuals to personal and professional healing, productivity and accountability. Jack has surpassed many seemingly insurmountable challenges in his own life with passion, determination and authenticity. His humor and insights allow individuals to work through their surface challenges to the “heart of the matter”; all relationships begin with two individuals and three basic needs, to be loved, to love and to belong. Jack’s personal experience has motivated him to impact more lives through building a comprehensive healing team to address and accelerate client healing from addiction and trauma through the process of forgiveness on an various energetic levels. He has over 38 years of assisting others in the recovery and healing process. Recently, his articles, talks and workshops center around walking through the issues that are blocking true freedom and happiness; Forgiveness, Addiction/Trauma Recovery.

Jack has been in recovery for 40+ years. His counseling specialties include:

  • Psychotherapist
  • Professional Addictions Counselor since 1986
  • Interventions
  • Personal & Family Forgiveness Work

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